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Swimming Pool and Marine Paint
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Garage Floor Paint

Garage Floor Paint
If you're taking on a garage floor painting project, use our heavy duty 2-party Epoxy Kote - a PREMIUM two-part solvent based epoxy coating designed for maximum protection, ease of application, outstanding gloss and color retention, chemical resistance and adhesion over a variety of substrates. You get the longest lasting protection against fade and it applies over most types of epoxy coatings in good condition, as well as bare concrete. Dries quickly, is durable and resists fading, chemicals and abrasion. Mix ratio is 1:1. Perfect for the garage floor and areas with heavy traffic. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR EXTENDED EXTERIOR USAGE.

You can choose the Epoxy Kote alone to give you a nice solid look, or you can opt for the Garage Paint Kits, which have everything you need to create a simulated granite floor in your garage!

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Aquapoxy II Water-based Epoxy Floor Paint
SKU: TS-920
Aquapoxy II Water-based Epoxy Floor Paint
Aquapoxy is a new, technically advanced water based epoxy floor coating perfect for basement floors, kitchen floors, garage floors, industrial spaces, hangars, bathrooms and more. 100 colors available and is guaranteed to last 20 years.

Epoxy Kote Heavy Duty 2-Part Epoxy Coating
SKU: 71000
Epoxy Kote Heavy Duty 2-Part Epoxy Coating
A PREMIUM two-part solvent based industrial epoxy coating designed for garage floors or areas with heavy traffic. Provides maximum protection and chemical resistance over a variety of substrates.
$209.41 $149.95

Garage Floor Paint Kit
SKU: NPF-750
Garage Floor Paint Kit
Create a "Showplace" - something truly special & beautiful with the simulated Granite Flooring System. The finished system leaves the appearance of a large, solid slab of terrazzo, and is stunning!

Paint Flecks
SKU: NP-fl
Paint Flecks
Floor paint flecks can add a decorative touch to your floor painting project. Add a combination of colors for a terrazzo or granite effect!

Platinum Super High Gloss Non-Yellowing Floor Finish
SKU: 75020
Platinum Super High Gloss Non-Yellowing Floor Finish
Platinum Urethane High Gloss Clear will give your concrete floor the perfect protective finish. High shine, chemical protection and the perfect clear gloss finish.
$89.99 $79.95

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