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Guide to Applying Epoxy Pool Paint to Your Swimming Pool

Please follow surface prep instructions before applying all paints.

Before applying any epoxy pool paints mix the separate cans of paint and catalyst thoroughly before mixing them together. After mixing parts A & B cans together, let the mixed paints sit for 15-30 minutes prior to use. This induction time is based on 70 degrees F and 50% relative humidity. Lower temperatures will require longer induction times. Lower temp. and higher humidity will affect the final cure of the coating. The high build epoxies have a pot life of 2-3 hours and the commercial epoxies have a pot life of 5 %u20138 hours.


Hi Build Epoxy covers 75 sf - 125 sf on bare, sand blasted, or rough surfaces. Second coat covers 125 sf - 200 sf.
Commercial Epoxy covers 175 sf - 200 sf on bare, sandblasted or rough surfaces and 400 sf-450 sf on recoats.

Epoxy pool paints are best applied by a 3/8 in nap mohair metal, lambskin, phenolic core roller. Apply epoxies at recommended coverage, Ideal temperatures for application are between 50 degrees F. and 90 degrees F. Surface temperature should be at least 50 degrees F. If rain occurs during any part of the paint process, allow an extra day of dry time for each day of rain. Rain or moisture will affect the top layer of fresh paint film by causing a slight flat finish. If all previous surface preparation and dry times have been adhered to, you can either apply a light coat of fresh paint or wipe the affected areas with a small amount of thinner.

It is recommended to use a non-skid additive to the paint to help reduce liability. Epoxy paint surfaces can be very slippery and caution should be used in the application to steps without a non-skid additive. White dry play sand can be used as a substitute.

Normal paint curing time is 8 dry days before filling pool with water.

If you need assistance or have questions on the application of any paints sold by Pool Paint Warehouse , please call us for assistance at 877-580-POOL.

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