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How To Apply Chlorinated Rubber Paint to Your Swimming Pool

Please follow all surface prep instructions before applying all paint.

Chlorinated rubber coatings have been used for years on more swimming pools than any other type of paint. They are easier to apply than epoxies and provide a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. As they have been the paint of choice for residential and commercial use, chlorinated rubber coatings also offer the added advantage of recoat ability over previously painted chlorinated rubber surfaces. Chlorinated rubber is not for use on spas, whirlpools or other fiberglass surfaces.

Chlorinated rubber pool paints are excellent for recoating previously painted chlorinated rubber surfaces. They will also perform well on bare concrete or plaster. Because of the nature of their manufacture, chlorinated rubber paints are low solids, high solvent products. Therefore, care needs to be taken to apply these paints in a thin film to dry surfaces. If your pool's paint system has more than 10 coats of paint (over 20 mils ), consider using a water based acrylic paint or sandblasting.

Roller best applies chlorinated rubber pool paints. Use no more than a 3/8" nap mohair metal, lambskin, phenolic core roller. Apply chlorinated rubber at recommended coverage. DO NOT apply too thickly. Ideal temperatures for application are between 50- 90 degrees f. If rain occurs during any part of the paint process, allow an extra day of dry time for each day of rain.

Chlorinated rubber coverage is 200-300 sq. feet on first coat and 350-400 sq. feet on second coat or recoats. On Commercial Grade Chlorinated rubber coverage is 150-175 sq. feet on first coat and 250-300 sq. feet on second coat or recoat.

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