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Swimming Pool and Marine Paint
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Paint for Concrete Pools

Paint for Concrete, Gunite, Marcite and Plaster Pools

If you are painting or recoating a concrete, gunite, marcite or plaster pool, our line of swimming pool paints are just right for you. You can choose from acrylic water-based paint, epoxy paint or chlorinated rubber pool paints...all of which will give your pool a beautiful, long-lasting finish and make the pool look brand new again. Our chart below outlines the best applications for each type of paint, so you can find the right paint for your painting project.

If you are unsure of what paint to buy for your project, please take a look at our Pool Painting FAQ to find the answers that you are looking for.

Please feel free to contact us if you still have questions, or if you would like to place an order.

Epoxy Pool Paint

Use on: bare concrete, plaster, gunite and marcite surfaces, and surfaces already painted with epoxy paint.

Epoxy Pool Paint for Concrete Pools
  • Epoxy swimming pool paints are the longest lasting of all of the pool paint types.
  • Also perfect for spas, hot tubs, jacuzzis, fiberglass pools, fountains, water slides, water features, koi ponds and water tanks.
  • It is a perfect coating for your concrete, plaster, marcite or gunite pool - it smoothes out a rough surface beautifully, dramatically improving the appearance, and protects and waterproofs the surface.
  • Up to 8 year service life (using the High Build Epoxy).
  • Surface must be very clean and dry when painted.

Learn more about Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint

Acrylic Pool Paint

Use on: bare concrete, plaster, gunite and marcite surfaces, as well as surfaces coated with virtually any pool paint (will overcoat most pool paints well).
Acrylic Pool Paint for Concrete Pools
  • Acrylic swimming pool paints are 1-part water-based pool paints, which will rejuvinated tired, old pool surfaces.
  • Acrylic paints are especially useful in situations where it is difficult to keep the pool surface dry prior to painting (in high humidity areas).
  • It cleans up with soap and water and will have the pool back in service faster than with any other pool paint.
  • Acrylic paints are also perfect for situations where the existing pool coating is unknown.
  • Average service life is 2-3 years.

Learn more about Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint

Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Use on: bare concrete, plaster, gunite and marcite surfaces, and surfaces already painted with chlorinated rubber paint.
Chlorinated Rubber Paint for Concrete Pools
  • Chlorinated rubber pool paints have traditionally been the paint of choice for pools, due to its outstanding flow and durability.
  • Chlorinated rubber paint offers long lasting protection against fade, chemicals and UV sunrays and will last up to 5 years on a properly prepared and maintained pool.
  • Chlorinated rubber paint can be used on bare concrete surfaces or surfaces currently painted with chlorinated rubber paint.

Learn more about Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

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Ramuc ULTRA Pro 2000 Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint
SKU: RPP-9722
Ramuc ULTRA Pro 2000 Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint
The Ramuc Ultra Pro 2000 Chlorinated Rubber Paint is a low VOC rubber based pool paint formulated for commercial use on concrete or plaster pool surfaces. Self priming - no additional primer needed. VOC compliant in all 50 states.
$99.99 $89.95

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Ramuc Pool Paint

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